15GCSX Gas/Electric Packaged Unit
Remarkably efficient comfort
15  78   
15CHAX Packaged Cooling System
Remarkably efficient packaged unit for reliable performance
up to 15     
15CHPX Packaged Heat Pump
Remarkably efficient packaged heat pump
up to 15    8 
13GCSX Gas/Electric Packaged Unit
Efficient packaged unit for virtually any application
13  80   
13CHPX Packaged Heat Pump
Reliable, efficient packaged units for virtually any application
up to 13    up to 7.7 
13CHAX Packaged Cooling System
Efficient cooling and reliable performance
13GEP Packaged Unit
Compact residential packaged unit
13  80   
13HPP Packaged Unit
Compact residential packaged heat pump
13    7.7 
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